How Lucky the Senior Rescue Dog Found His Forever Home
Lucky the Senior Rescue Chihuahua

Submitted by the amazing adopter herself, Emily Hutson

Emily Hutson is a volunteer at the SPCA of Northern Nevada. She became a volunteer after adopting her first dog Cinder from us. Cinder needed some extra TLC, which the SPCA of NN helped to provide. Emily said “After seeing what this shelter does for all the animals they bring in I had to be a part of it and try my best to give back for what they have given me.”

Emily now has three dogs and she decided she was interested in volunteering as a foster, too. Lucky is a senior rescue Chihuahua who was completely shut down in the Adoption Center. He was so frightened here that it was nearly impossible for our staff to effectively work with him on essential skills he would need in order to get adopted. Our animal care staff realized we need to move Lucky to a loving foster home where he could relax so that one day he would be able to get adopted into a loving home of his own.

In her own words, this is how Emily became his new mom:

I saw Theresa (the Foster Care Coordinator for the SPCA of NN) post him on the foster page (on Facebook). I had tried fostering puppies before but that didn’t work out well for me. I work too much and my dog freaked out over the puppies so I kinda gave up on the idea of fostering. I figured maybe if an adult dog becomes available for foster I can do that. When I saw his little face on the foster page I just had to do it. I talked to my husband and he said to go for it so I brought my dogs in to meet him on a Saturday morning everyone was okay with each other so I brought him home with me.

Four rescue dogs at Galena Creek Regional Park in Reno

All of Emily’s Dogs love to go on adventures with her.

The first week was rough I grew a little impatient with myself because I felt like I was failing. He was so shut down and I wanted him to adjust more quickly. It was about a week and a half later and he greeted me at the door for the first time all happy and smiling at me with the wiggles. I was so happy to see him like that, that I about cried.

Getting him to walk on a leash was a whole different adventure. He acted like he wanted to go when I would take my dogs for a walk but he would freeze and alligator roll as soon as I tried to put a leash on him. My husband said one morning when I went with my dogs that he barked the entire time we were gone so I decided that evening that I was going to make him walk on the leash come hell or high water. My husband took our dogs and I carried Lucky out. I put him down a few times and he kept freezing so I’d carry him a bit more until he seemed to have a little light turn on after watching my dogs on the leash and he decided to walk with us. He walked almost a whole mile with us that first day and now every morning gets excited to put his leash and harness on.

The best part is my husband is the one who decided we should keep him. I loved him of course but we had agreed that we were just fostering. He had previously been asking when he would be available for adoption, but when I was going to take him back to the shelter for the Not a Fathers Day event he stopped me and asked if we could just keep him. He asked me if I was sure he would go to a good home … So he wanted to keep him because he wanted to ensure he was in a loving home.

Lucky the rescue dog is so happy in his forever home loving his life of adventure.

Lucky the rescue dog is so happy in his forever home loving his life of adventure.

Then he told me no more fostering lol.


Thank you Emily for opening your heart and home again and again for rescue pets. We are so grateful that you were open to fostering an adult who needed some extra time and attention and that Lucky fit in so well with your family!


For more information on how to become a foster home to dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies who are in need, please tap here!

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