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Thrift Store Volunteers

There is no pre-training requirement for volunteers at our thrift store! Just create a Volunteer Profile, register using the form on this page, and show up to the SPCA-NN Thrift Store. If you want to learn more about volunteering at the thrift store, click below. Or if you are ready to get started, complete the Registration Form on this page.

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Adoption Center Volunteers

To interact directly with our pets, new and returning volunteers must complete:

  1. Adoption Care Basics (ABC) training (1.5 hour) – Learn about our facility, daily chores, and the enrichment activities that help our pets.
  2. Animal care chores (10 hours) – Help our team with important tasks that keep our pets clean, healthy and happy.
  3. Animal socialization training (2 hours) – Learn how to appropriately interact and handle pets in our care.

Upon completion, volunteers can help with exciting opportunities like adoption events, day trips, sleepovers, cat café, PetSmart and study with a buddy.

Minors must be at least 8 years old to interact with the cats, 12 to interact with the dogs or help at our thrift store. Minors under the age of 16 must always volunteer with a parent or guardian present. Minors aged 16+ can volunteer without a parent/guardian present with prior written approval from their parent/guardian.

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