Read to Homeless Dogs

Once a month we partner with a local literary specialist The Reading Gal to put on our formal Reading with Rescues program, open to the public! This special program gets full tour of our facility and the kennels all to themselves for a 1-on-1 reading session with our dogs.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for our community to engage with our animals, gives kids a chance to sharpen their reading skills in front of a non-judgemental audience, and provides much-needed one-on-one time with our pups (you won’t believe how much it calms them!).To learn more about The Reading Gal, click on the button below!

Learn more

Are you a member of a community group that would like to learn more about our organization and read to our homeless pets? You can email the Volunteer Manager at about setting up a private tour and informal reading with rescues session!

Reading for Rescues

Teenage boy reading out loud to a black dog that is inside a kennel.

All slots have been filled! Thank you!