#FurEverReno Coffee Table Book – Save Lives and Capture Joy


We are proud to announce one of our most ambitious and creative projects ever – the FurEverReno Coffee Table Book, which features unique images capturing the joy uniquely found with rescue pets.

Moirae Creatives Photography specializes in photographs that tell the true to life story of love by working with clients to figure out the little moments that shape their lives and capturing those on film. They have agreed to partner with the SPCA of Northern Nevada and the Reno Renaissance Hotel to create our collaborative rescue pet photo book, proceeds from which will be donated back to the SPCA to save lives!

100% of the profits go to the SPCA  and will save lives of homeless pets. You can get your copy now either at the SPCA of Northern Nevada’s adoption center or at The Radiant Original Sundance Books and Music in downtown Reno!


Click here to purchase a FurEverReno Rescue Pet Photography book from the SPCA of Northern Nevada to save the lives of homeless pets in our community!

Rescue dog Batty from the SPCA of Northern Nevada was photographed by Moirae Creatives Photography to be featured in the FurEverReno Recue Pet Photography BookRescue dog Blistina was photographed by Moirae Creatives Photography to be featured in FurEverReno for the rescue pet photography book.

Each page in the FurEver Reno book features a different rescue pet and their person, in their forever home. Each page is filled with beautiful photography taken by Moirae Creatives and the rescue pet’s story of how they impacted and improved the lives of their people.

SPCA of Northern Nevada Rescue kittens pictured by Moirae Creatives Photography to be featured in FurEverReno Rescue Pet Photography Book.

These amazing stories will bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart. It’s the best gift for the pet lover in your life because it immediately saves lives (100% goes to the SPCA), and it will raise adoption rates by showing how incredible rescue pets truly are.

Thank you to Moirae Creatives Photography for putting these books together and donating the books to the SPCA of Northern Nevada.



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