Find the Love of Your Life at the SPCA

She said yes! Benny recently proposed to his girlfriend, Leisa, right here at the SPCA of Northern Nevada’s Adoption Center.

Benny is quite the creative guy. A few weeks ago, he contacted the SPCA and asked if he could use the lobby to propose to his girlfriend here, using one of their two dogs. Obviously madly in love, Benny knew he wanted to pop the question and wanted to make it a very special surprise for Leisa. He and Leisa had taken their dogs here to the facility during one of our weekly low-cost vaccine clinics and was inspired to use Leisa’s love of their dogs – Chester and Brutus – to help him ask the ultimate question. We love love in all shapes and sizes, whether its the unconditional love of a furry family member, or the eternal love that two people can share, and so we of course were thrilled to be able to offer our help to Benny.

Benny concocted an elaborate plan in which Leisa’s best friend took Leisa on a “girls’ day” to get her nails done while Benny had to “work.” Instead of going to work, Benny came here and with the help of our clinic, gently wrapped the engagement ring in his dog Chester’s paw. Then he called Leisa and asked her to come pick up Chester from the SPCA, pretending that Chester had been hurt and our veterinarian had helped mend him.

(Just to be clear – this was totally imagined as the SPCA cannot help public animals with veterinary assistance!) Benny quickly jumped into our “Rescue Rex” dog costume, which covered him head to foot, and waited in the lobby so when Leisa came to meet with our clinic, she wouldn’t recognize him standing there!

Benny and Chester Waited Patiently for Leisa to Arrive

Finally Leisa arrived and she slowly unwrapped Chester’s paw, found the ring, Benny revealed himself and the rest is history!

Congratulations to Benny and Leisa who are now engaged!



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