Cinderella was two months old when she was found in rural California, sick and emaciated. Weighing in at only two pounds, she was so malnourished she could fit in the palm of your hand.

She was frail. Her eyes were so infected, we worried she might lose her vision. We knew we needed to act fast to save her.

But thanks to your generosity, we were able to fight for her life!

Our clinic worked closely with our experienced foster, Rhonda, to give Cinderella the specialized, round-the-clock care she needed. The first few days were uncertain, but Cinderella began to stabilize after one week of critical care.

Within a month, she was ready to be adopted! 

By this point, Rhonda’s best friend Kathy had fallen in love with Cinderella’s loving, gentle personality. She knew she was the perfect addition to her family.

Now, Cinderella spends her days playing with her dog and cat siblings, and snuggling up to her doting parents.

It is only thanks to YOU that Cinderella, Ronda, and Kathy can look forward to a bright future together. You are our partner in saving lives.

Please, give now to help us reach our match goal of $50,000 by May 16. Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar, making twice the impact on pets and the people who love them.

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