Board of Directors

Tim began volunteering with the SPCA in 2003 as a dog walker and cat socializer.  In 2008, Tim joined the Board and became the Treasurer in 2009.  After six years as Treasurer, he became the Vice Chairperson, serving for one year.  Tim is currently in his second term as Chairperson and serves on the Finance and Development Committees.  In addition to Board Service, he has served as a foster parent to over 40 cats through the years and presently has three family members from the SPCA of Northern Nevada.

Tricia began volunteering with the SPCA in 2003 as a dog walker and cat socializer.  In 2007, Tricia joined the Board, becoming the Vice Chairperson and Building Committee Chairperson in 2009.  In 2012, after leading the successful completion and opening of the Stanley James Walker Pet Care and Adoption,Tricia became the Board Chairperson, serving for three years.  During this time, she led the SPCA to a restated Mission and newly commissioned Values and Metrics. Tricia is currently in her second term as Treasurer, serves on the Development Committee, leads the Finance Committee and Animal Welfare Committee.  In addition to Board Service, she has served as a foster parent to over 40 cats through the years and presently has 3 family members from the SPCA of Northern Nevada.


Brooke and her husband, Craig, raised their 2 children (along with a myriad of pets) here in Northern Nevada beginning in 1986. Brooke has practiced as a family nurse practitioner for more than 3 decades. She helped develop and grow two mission clinics, which are now part of Community Health Alliance (CHA), where she still practices. Her passion to serve those who are marginalized is the reason she first volunteered at the SPCA of Northern Nevada, when we were located on 4th street. She’s been an ardent dog-walker, volunteer committee leader and board secretary.  Brooke grew up adopting dogs and cats from California SPCAs, and now she and Craig care for senior dogs in their home. This past year she’s been obsessed with our thrift store and helping to make multiple improvements. When she’s not at the SPCA, she enjoys gardening, any physical activity outside, and time with family and friends.

John began volunteering at the SPCA of Northern Nevada in 2000, first by walking dogs, and then by fostering and as part of the PetSmart adoption team. He joined the Board of Directors in 2001, and served as Board Chair from 2002 – 2008. Over the years, he has adopted 13 SPCA adoption center dogs and cats (mostly special needs), fostered several hundred puppies, kittens, and mothers, and helped bring Maddie’s Fund support to Reno/Sparks. John is a wildlife biologist with the Great Basin Bird Observatory, where he and his colleagues conduct applied research, monitoring, and conservation planning projects in Nevada and throughout much of the western United States. In addition to his wildlife work and his work with the SPCA, he serves as Vice-Chair of the Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs, which facilitates the development of effective non-surgical tools for pet sterilization and contraception. He also serves as a consultant for Humane Society International, Humane Society of the United States, and several other international, national, and regional animal welfare organizations, providing expertise in population measurement and analysis for humane programs designed to help street dogs and feral cats around the world.


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