Why should you foster?

Fostering animals is one of the most rewarding volunteer opportunities out there!

By opening your heart and home to kittens, puppies, nursing cats, and animals of varying needs for a few weeks or months, you provide them with the care and shelter they need until they are ready to move onto the next phase in finding a loving home!

Here’s ten reasons why you should foster animals

1. You don’t have to buy any of the supplies (we do that!)

If you’re worried about the financial implications of fostering, know that fostering with the SPCA of Northern Nevada will only cost you space, time, and love.

2. You can volunteer from home.

Fostering animals is one of the few volunteer opportunities you can do from the comfort of your own home! Whether you’re retired, a stay-at-home mom, or work 9-5, fostering is a great way to give back to the community without the commute!

3. To learn resilience (and teach it to your kids).

Many people fear they’ll get attached to the animals. And you probably will. Yes, letting go is hard, but it’s also one of the most important lessons we’ll learn in life. Fostering helps build that resilience and teaches us how to let go with grace (and happy tears).

4. Fostering is temporary and flexible

Fostering is a great way to enjoy the company of animals without the lifetime commitment of a pet. You also don’t have to take every animal we call you for – you can accept based on your schedule at the time!

5. It makes each day more meaningful

Whether you’re coming home to a litter of kittens, puppies, or a dog/cat recovering from surgery, caring for these animals will fill your days with a newfound sense of purpose.

6. To do a pet trial.

Do you (or your kids) think you’re ready for a pet, but you’re not sure? Because fostering is temporary, it’s is a great opportunity to see if you are up for the responsibility of caring for an animal, without the lifetime commitment.

7. Because it saves lives.

Each day you foster is a day that animal is not struggling in a shelter, on the streets, or on death row. The fact is when we don’t have enough fosters, we can’t take in as many animals. By fostering, you are helping improve the live release rate of animals in your community!

8. You’ll have tons of support.

When you foster for the SPCA of Northern Nevada, you’ll have the ongoing support our foster coordinator, our amazing staff, and, best of all, our Foster Fam Facebook group, where you can share tips and pics with your fellow fosters.

9. Fostering can help you heal

Whether you’re getting over a breakup or have recently lost a loved one, caring for animals gives you something to focus on and can help you heal.

10. It’s fun!

As anyone who has fostered, and they will tell you it’s one of the most fun and rewarding experiences they’ve ever had! Between enjoying the company of many fun animal personalities to watching them flourish in your care, you’ll experience more joy and laughter than you may even expect!

To sign up to become a foster with the SPCA of Northern Nevada, contact Tara at tara@spcanevada.org.

We can’t wait to have you join our #fosterfam!


Written by Laura Van Antwerp

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