Adoption can be a life-changing experience; not just for the adopted animals, but for the adoptors as well!

But don’t take it from us! We recently asked Instagram followers of the SPCA of Northern Nevada to tell us why they adopted, and these answers are PAWSitively inspiring!

My husband’s mom tagged me in a post on social media and I couldn’t ignore it even though I was beyond irritated because she knew we didn’t want a dog at the time. Something about him just tugged on every heart string I have and I knew we had to save him. His previous owners were going to euthanize him if they couldn’t find a place for him. He completes us! #ourpittopautumus

— @lauren.auren.uren

My roommates and I had wanted a dog for a long time (we are in college) and after fostering from the SPCA we knew we could handle it so we waited until we found the perfect dog and adopted him (it’s been a year!). People say college students shouldn’t adopt, but he goes on every adventure with us and is always pushing up to explore new places in Reno we haven’t been before. We love our rescue!

— @adria55

Handsome boy!! I just got off the phone with you guys. My mom passed away recently and I’m donating her car to @spcaofnorthernnevada. We’ve gotten all of our dogs from you over the years, including my mom’s dog I now have. Thank you!

— @sihrimonster

I had lost our 14 yo Sheltie to cancer and promised I was never going to have another dog because I never wanted to experience that pain again. I continued to go down to the @spcaofnorthernnevada just to get my emotional fix and spend time with the fur babies. Then I met Charlie. He was everything I didn’t want. A puppy, hyper- a PittBull. But I couldn’t leave him. He has done so much for me, helped with depression and has loved us unconditionally. There has definitely been a learning curve managing the 70lb baby, but I wouldn’t have done anything differently. I can’t wait until our 1 year adoptaversary. (August)

— @charlie_babyblues

We have always adopted. There are just too many great pets that need homes. We love knowing we have helped give a dog or cat a great life. We found ourselves dogless for the first time in a decade. My son has  a knack for walking in and knowing which dog is the one for us. The kids and I went to @spcaofnorthernnevada and found the perfect dog. Now we have #odintheoneeyedchihuahuafromoakland

— @emilysimonian

“Hi friends 👋 I knew who my mom was the minute she walked into the Carson City animal shelter. I chose her by sitting in her lap and refusing to get up 🐶. At the time, I had 4 burnt paws and couldn’t really walk on them. Mom didn’t mind that I couldn’t run and play right away, and I was afraid of some of her friends, but I knew she would be kind and patient if I went home with her. I really needed and wanted a furever home. I saw so many of my cellmates get passed by. We all want to love and be loved! And we will be your best friend for life. Now that I am healing and a little braver of the unknown! Mom takes me on walks and bike rides every day! Adopt don’t shop!”

— @gretathepit

I wish I could adopt more fuzzy faces! Adopting is the only way to go for me. I can’t help but think of all the loving animals sitting in shelters waiting patiently for their new humans to come find them and give them a home. Given the choice between a shelter dog and one from a breeder, no matter how good the breeder, has always felt to me like the obvious choice. Let’s save the pets that need saving before we start making more, ya know? Plus, I think all dogs have the potential to be really great dogs, you just have to get down to your local shelter to meet the one that was meant for you!

— @sierradavies

My parents had always purchased from breeders when I was growing up. I always wound up bringing home strays on my way home from school. My dad would never let me keep them and always made me call animal control. I swore I would never buy a pet that I would only adopt. When I got to the point where I was able to have a pet I went to the SPCA of Northern Nevada and got my kitty Bolt. I have since then adopted four more pets (3 dogs and another cat) with a grand total of five rescue pets. I became a volunteer at the SPCA and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I’ll never purchase a pet I will only adopt.

— @emily_louise22

When I moved from Reno to outside Yerington for a job I felt pretty lonely away from all my friends and family in Reno. I had rescued a dog I found wandering the side of the road up near Gerlach while working. I attempted to keep this 2-year-old Anatolian and that lasted about a month before he hopped my 6-foot fence (with a cone on) every day, twice a day. So I decided to give him away to a good home, a sheep ranch in California. Fast forward about 4 more months, driving down the dirt road to my house in the middle of nowhere, I almost hit this dog. He jumped right into the truck and his heterochromia floored me. Took him to the shelter and told the lady that after the 7 day period I would be right in the office to sign the paperwork to take him home. And 3 weeks later after his neutering I took him home. Turns out someone dumped him after he supposedly killed one of their chickens. The previous owner actually followed me on Instagram. These are just some basic details, it becomes much crazier of a story! Couldn’t have worked out any better tho, we both needed each other at the perfect time. Now we live in Reno happy and healthy.

— @dmil_

Growing up, we always adopted from the SPCA so it was just the logical choice. My boyfriend and I went back 3 days in a row and 5-6 times in two weeks looking for the right pup. I think the employees got sick of seeing us 😅 We found Milo the day the dog we were going to get got adopted by someone else. We waited for two weeks for him to be neutered and as soon as I got the call that he was available I rushed over. Now he follows me everywhere and cuddles with us all the time 💕

— @sienna_starr_designs

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