June 2014 Volunteer of the Month

Vicki Johnson

SPCA of Northern Nevada Volunteer of the Month

Meet Vicki Johnson, our June Volunteer of the Month. Vicki is a key member of our South Virginia PetSmart Adoption Team. She volunteers along with her husband Mike, setting up pens and crates, socializing and monitoring the cats and dogs who hope to find their forever loving home while at PetSmart. Vicki is so reliable and even though she's had a tough schedule lately she always takes time out of her busy schedule to help at PetSmart. Vicki, we thank you for your dedication to the SPCA and the crew at PetSmart.

2014 Volunteers of the Month

  • January: Mike Hules
  • February: Gale Mair
  • March: Sarah Mazur
  • April: Munchy Friery
  • May: Tammy Pierce

2013 Volunteers of the Month

  • January: Carol Lopez
  • February: Amy Sabatino
  • March: Matthew Tooth
  • April: Peggy Jacque
  • July: Katie Bell
  • August: Carol West
  • September: Carlotta King
  • October: Randy Bradley
  • November: Steve Mantoani
  • December: Tyler Johnson

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