April 2014 Volunteer of the Month

Munchy Friery

SPCA of Northern Nevada Volunteer of the Month

Munchy Friery is our April Volunteer of the Month. Munchy’s passion is walking dogs, or as she calls them, “kids.” Munchy mentors new dog walkers, is a Behavior Evaluation Assistant, serves on the Volunteer Advisory Committee and just recently Munchy started assisting our canine department with traveling to outlying areas to assist with evaluating new shelter dogs. One thing is certain: Munchy loves dogs and loves volunteering at the SPCA and we love her right back! Great job Munchy!

2014 Volunteers of the Month

  • January: Mike Hules
  • February: Gale Mair
  • March: Sarah Mazur

2013 Volunteers of the Month

  • January: Carol Lopez
  • February: Amy Sabatino
  • March: Matthew Tooth
  • April: Peggy Jacque
  • July: Katie Bell
  • August: Carol West
  • September: Carlotta King
  • October: Randy Bradley
  • November: Steve Mantoani
  • December: Tyler Johnson

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