A seminar series led by Certified Animal Behaviorist Kelley Bollen, MS, CABC

We’re excited to offer Kelley Bollen’s powerful webinar series titled The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

Each webinar will have you understanding your pet on a whole new level, and empowered to approach sticky situaitons with clarity and confidence!

Webinar: Why Does My Dog Do That and How Do I Get Him to Stop

Chewing on your favorite shoes. Jumping up on people. Digging up the yard.Can’t figure out why your dog is acting out, or how to get him to stop? You’re not alone!

In this PRE-RECORDED WEBINAR, animal behaviorist Kelley Bollen discusses the most common problematic behaviors dog owners struggle with and offers suggestions to deal with these issues. We promise you’ll feel inspired and empowered to be the best dog parent you can be!

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Upcoming Seminars:

Seminar 3: Why Does My Cat Do That and How Do I Get Him To Stop
April 28: 6:30-8pm (depending on COVID-19 status)

Seminar 4: Dog Bite Prevention (Adults and older kids)
May 26 – 6:30pm-8pm (depending on COVID-19 status)

Seminar 5: Enrichment and Clicker Training for Dogs and Cats
June 23: 6:30-8pm (depending on COVID-19 status)

Seminar 6: Separation Anxiety and other Fears and Phobias in Dogs
July 28: 6:30-8pm (depending on COVID-19 status)

Seminar 7: Aggressive Behavior in Dogs
August 25: 6:30-8pm (depending on COVID-19 status)

Seminar 8, 9, 10: TBA

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