The SPCA of Northern Nevada Foster Care Program

The SPCA of Northern Nevada has a wonderful network of foster care volunteers who open up their homes and hearts — for a few weeks or even a few months — to care for hundreds of puppies and kittens. Helping us throughout the year, these volunteers will foster puppies, kittens, and nursing mother cats. These small animals will require more attention and individual care than they would receive in the shelter environment, therfore the role of the foster parent is vital.

Kitten Season

In the Spring and Summer months, we will see an influx of kittens, many of them not old enough to leave their mothers. We will utilize foster homes to care for orphaned kittens, whole litters separated from their mother and mother cats with their litters. Foster parents will provide care for the kittens until they reach 2.5 – 3 lbs., a necessary weight requirement to endure the spay/neuter surgery. All puppies under the age of 10 weeks will require foster homes as well. These baby animals are in need of a warm, safe and clean environment during their beginning stages

Foster Parent Requirements

A room to isolate shelter animals from your own pets (a spare bedroom, office or bathroom); Your pets must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations; You must have permission from your landlord to have pets OR own your home; Reliable transportation to and from the SPCA of Northern Nevada to keep regular revaccination appointments and to address any medical issues that may arise; A complete comprehension and understanding of the training materials that will be provided.

Finally, although fostering is a lot of hard work, it is also an incredibly rewarding experience. You get to help puppies and kittens grow from helpless little beings into confident, well adjusted family pets. You will also experience the fun and playfulness without the responsibility of lifetime care. Most importantly, you are saving lives!

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